Adult Acne

“Shit, I got a zit,” we’ve all yelled to ourselves at some point in our lives. Even if you have flawless skin, there is bound to be an anecdote that comes to mind when you think of acne. Acne is a worldwide phenomenon associated with a variety of influencing factors… not just among teenagers – but also adults (contrary to popular belief). Adult acne affects everyone these days, regardless of gender, skin type, or age. Did we forget about hiding our faces behind masks for over two years? Yes, this does play a role in adult acne. Dr Jamuna Pai, a celebrity dermatologist, explains the how and why of adult acne.

What Is the Cause of Adult Acne?

“While pubertal acne appears during puberty, adult acne can persist far beyond adolescence and throughout adulthood,” says Dr Pai. “Adult acne is typically nodular cystic acne that is caused by a hormonal imbalance in the body,” she adds. Recurrent adult acne can be caused by Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), perimenopause, and menopause.” While these problems are more common in women, don’t let that fool you into thinking that men are immune to adult acne. They aren’t… because, in addition to the aforementioned (female-related) hormones, there are a slew of other factors that can contribute to acne.

Stress and Skincare Routine Both Play A Role

Dr. Pai sheds light on additional factors, saying, “Stress aggravates the hormonal imbalance, causing more acne breakouts.” Pollution and poor facial hygiene are also aggravating factors. Dirt and grime can clog your pores, causing acne to develop.” Stress is something we can’t touch or see, but it affects every part of our body and causes it to react. Stress causes dullness, fatigue, wrinkles, and, most importantly, acne on your skin. Maintaining a skincare regimen is critical for combating the effects of daily stress. “High glycemic index foods are definitely aggravating factors for hormonal acne.” Furthermore, dairy and fried foods may aggravate the condition,” says Dr Pai, who also asks us to consider dietary missteps.

Adult Acne 101: Why It Happens, How to Manage It and the Skin Positivity  Influencers Changing the Face of Beauty - Zoella

Acne Prevention Suggestions

“Check for hormonal imbalance and visit your physician to help regulate them,” Dr Pai says as she moves on to the next stage of the skin’s health. “Clean the face twice a day with an appropriate cleanser for your skin type, and use moisturiser and sunscreen,” she adds. Utilize a healing night cream in conjunction with monthly medical grade treatments at clinics.” When asked about the ingredients that could aid in acne reversal, she says, “There is no one ingredient that would suit all, although topical applications such as retinol, benzoyl peroxide, and topical antibiotics may help to settle and heal the acne faster.” “Avoid thick creams and ointments that could clog the pores and cause more acne,” says Dr. Pai. Another bad habit is over-drying the skin to remove excess oils. Overdrying would cause the body to compensate for the dryness by producing more sebum. This would contribute to the development of acne once more.”

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