Are You Planning To Conceive...! Add These Asanas In Workout

Are you planning ..? The second Coronavirus wave extended the lock-up period, allowing everyone to stay at home longer than planned. Many people also began to think about a family during the lockdown and began to plan for it.

Gentle Morning Yoga For Infertility and Conceiving - YouTube

Many women have actively begun to work for their reproductive health. You got more conscious of it. You also noticed that different poses or asanas in yoga can help you boost your fertility and relieve your pressure in this lockdown.

Here are some poses or asanas shared by Dr Aarthi Priyadharshini, physiotherapist consultant & lactation specialist, motherhood hospital, Chennai, that can help to enhance their fertility.

Namascar Surya (Sun salutation): Surya namaskar is a twelve-strong asana. This is a highly effective asana to monitor your blood sugar levels and keep your cardiovascular health in check.

This is like an everyday asana that helps you reduce stress, keep your brain healthy, tone your body and enzyme your nervous system. It is said that this asana facilitates the mother’s birth.

Bhramari Pranayam (Humming bee breathe): This type of breath helps you to relax and contact your inner self. Stress and anxiety are said to be helpful. High stress levels are an important reason why many women have problems with infertility and this yoga is easy Aasana Pashimotan (Seated forward bend).

This position mainly strengthens your lower body’s muscles and extends the lower back and hip muscles. It helps to boost reproductive organs such as the uterus and ovaries and to control stress.

Aasana’s Janu Shirsh (Head-to-knee pose): It helps to stretch the muscles and hamstrings of the beetle. It helps not only to relax the abdominal muscles during pregnancy. Mainly during pregnancy, the back muscles are strengthened. Kon Aasana Baddha (Butterly pose) Muscles in this posture are stretched and strengthened in the genitals, hip area and the inner thighs. This pose enhances fertility and even helps to deliver smoothly.

Aasana Supta Baddha Kon (Reclining bound angle pose): Specialists say this pose contributes to a certain level of PCOS treatment. It also helps to alleviate cramps during and without pregnancy. It also helps to strengthen the groyne muscles.

(Pose of Child) Bal Aasana: This pose is very easy and helps to boost blood flow in the body and to reduce stress. This position extends the muscles of the thigh and extends the back as well. Bandh Aasana Setu (Bridge pose) The pose may not be straightforward for everybody, but it increases blood flow for those who can. (For men, sperm mobility increases) .

Hal Aasana (Plough Pose): This posture is good for thyroid patients. This can help to control thyroid and increase fertility. This expands the legs and contributes to increased flexibility. (For men, this position increases both the sperm count and mobility) Pranayam Nadi Shoddhan This respiratory workout primarily helps clean the breath and improves

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