Expert Advice On How To Break The Cycle Of Emotional

Expert advice..! Emotional stress has been increasing as a result of the COVID 19 second wave. Emotional or eating food, whether it’s truth, anger, guilt, terror or anxiety, to soothe your emotions. But why does emotional food happen first? It happens because we feel good the fastest way.

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Good luck is a natural condition. We are never sad, so we try to make ourselves happy. We never got born sad. The fastest way to raise our mood is to eat food, especially foods full of sugar, salt and fat.

It only helps us to feel better for some time, we do not realise. After it, the crash isn’t that nice. Their guilt, sadness, hatred and more stress are accompanying them and they can put us into a wicked emotional cycle.

Thus, Luke Coutinho, Coach of Integrative Lifestyle and Founder of YouCare, speaks about how to break the bonds of emotional eating. How can the emotional bonds be breached?

In order to break the bond of emotional eating, emotions must be confronted first of all in order to break the bonds of emotional eating:

  1. The feeling of sadness is important to us. Staying happy all the time is an illusion that we have, because most people are happy and successful in the social media. Please feel and express it when you are sad and really need to feel your negative emotions. We’re permitted to be good and bad.
  2. How do you have a kind of food relationship? Do you regard food as a way to feed and nourish your cells with the right nutrient balance or as a way to alleviate your soul? Better relationships with food go back to infancy and the way parents raise children.
  3. Parents should not recompense food for their children. Energy and life-support are the purpose of food. Look out for them with a book, a picnic or an activity you can do but never eat.
  4. Your child may feel temporarily happy because he will receive this succulent treatment, but it is no meaningful experience. They begin to relate food with happiness gradually and so they reach food every time they feel sad.
  5. Food can’t solve the heart and mind issues. Express it if you feel it. Naturally, it will not cause crime and illegal activities in non-violent ways. You may feel furious, jealous, bitter, culpable, etc. Allow yourself to feel this, to run it completely through your system, to feel and to emotion.
  6. Try to express your feelings as much as possible. You may speak, write, record your own voice and remove, write or even consult a life coach or emotional counsellor expert. You can also use it.
  7. Be not frightened of seeking assistance. Some emotional eating cases require counselling and treatment. Take that as it can only lead to major problems later if it is deleted.
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