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Over the last five years, the Indian music fraternity has come to a standstill. Be it the constant re-synthesization of songs from the past or the very lack of effort put behind the ones that are coming out, there has been something missing. The sense of originality, the heart, the passion, all of it. And that’s exactly where the Indian Hip-Hop circle has come into play. with the release of the highly acclaimed Zoya Akhtar film, “Gully Boy”, more people want to get into this space. We had the chance to engage in a conversation with one of the up-and-coming stars of Indian Hip-Hop “OM” winner of the hit95 FM’s second iteration of their show Gully Bhai, a platform that gives up and coming rappers the chance to showcase their talents.

Hip Hop Om

Who is OM and why do you need to know about him?

OM, is a 23 years old Delhi based hip-hop artist. He used to he use “MC DAVESTO” earlier as his stage name but later On he changed it to OM. On being the meaning behind his name, he says that OM is basically an acronym for Overtaking Machine. It’s the persona he resonates with. As a hustler who has had to overcome loads of obstacles to go after his dreams, he considers himself to be a person who likes to shoot forward, overtaking any barrier in front of him, continuing with his journey. And also, OM is the symbol of ultimate reality in the Hindu religion🕉, something that he goes by, keeping things real through his art, that’s the name he stuck with.

A great artist needs his inspirations:

OM considers everything around him to be an inspiration but influenced by none. Starting from big names like Snoop Dogg, Juicy J and Machine Gun Kelly to names that hit close to homies like RAGA, farish saifi, he learn from. everyone. He thinks he doesn’t have a particular song that can be called his best work. He puts in his everything to ensure each and every one of his tracks is the best he can produce.
OM is passionate about influencing others in their lives

Hip Hop Om 1

When asked for some words of wisdom for upcoming artists and for people starting out, he says that one should always remember their goals and never stray away from them. Hip-Hop is a lifestyle, a certain way of living life and it’s not for everyone. So, one shouldn’t really pursue it if they don’t want it badly. It’s essential to seek reality and knowledge instead of living a lie because art is truth in its purest form. He also urges people to grow their own identities. Everyone has their own share of stories and experiences that they want to share. And hence, it is without any doubt that different people will attract different fanbases. He ends by saying that messing with artists just for the sake of it won’t take them far. If a person is incapable of respecting someone else’s art, they don’t respect themselves.

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