Lockdown In London But, A Chef Refuse To Close Restaurant. A London restaurant refused to close during the lockdown, and there’s a touching reason for it. The global impact of the Coronavirus pandemic on businesses and industries has been enormous. The restaurant and hospitality industry, which is still reeling from the effects of the previous year, has been among the hardest hit.

Why this London chef refused to close his Covent Garden restaurant during  lockdown - MyLondon

During the pandemic, the restaurant industry has stepped forward to assist those in need. Despite the losses, the spirit of doing good is still alive and well among restaurants all over the world. This can be seen in the thinking of a fourth-generation Indian restaurateur in Covent Garden, who kept his restaurant open even when the city was under siege.

The 75th anniversary of the Punjab restaurant in Covent Garden was recently celebrated. Gurbachan Singh Maan founded the restaurant, which specialises in North Indian cuisine. Rather than keeping the restaurant open as usual, Amrit Maan, the current owner, decided to cook meals for the less fortunate and donate supplies to food banks.

“I made the conscious decision to remain open. Covent Garden is a village and a community for us. I simply won’t allow the kitchens to be shut down. It’s incomprehensible. It encourages you “He expressed himself.

In order to keep his parents from becoming infected, Amrit Maan moved out of his family home and into the restaurant. Seven of the forty employees stayed on site to assist Maan with his mission. Many London volunteers have found a calling in the noble cause of feeding the homeless.

Currently, Maan has provided over 100,000 meals to the homeless and approximately 50,000 to food banks. “You could sit at home, close the curtains, and watch TV, but I knew I was sitting on a fortunate asset because our kitchens are industrial kitchens. For the past three or four years, we have been assisting the homeless.”

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