Meet Sufi Singer Syed Mohiuddin Qadri Who Is Keeping The Art Of Naat Sharif Alive Even Today

It is always said that “there’s nobody greater than God in this world.” We all pray to the Almighty in our own way to remember him. While the customs and traditions of worshipping the Lord may be different, the aim remains to tell the omnipresent that there is no one greater than him in this world. Naat-e-Sharif is a form of art and writing that has to do with worshipping that is going out of style.

Naat Sharif is a type of Islamic literary poetry in which poems in praise of the Prophet Muhammad are recited. Although its initial traces are difficult to trace in history, it is said to have been started by a poet named Hasan. In the present scenario, there are very few people left who still imbibe this art, one of whom is Syed Gulam Mohhiyuddin Qadri. Mohiuddin, who is from Gujarat, began singing naats at the age of ten.

But as it is said that “age is just a number,” Syed Gulam Mohhiyuddin Qadri has mesmerized people with his art just at the age of 21. This “Bewildered Fankar” of Gujarat has so far sung more than 21 hamds and naats, which are available on his YouTube channel. Mohiuddin is ruling millions of hearts with his powerful and melodious voice. Most of Syed’s music remains in worship of Allah. He believes that whatever happens in this world happens only because of the deeds of the almighty. That’s why we should always share love and affection among people.

Apart from this, he says that Naat should reach more and more people because it directly touches the heart and it requires a lot of effort, etiquette, and experience to sing it.

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