Rashmika Uses Her Hands To Cover Face After Forgetting To Wear Mask

Rashmika Mandanna, Actress who will make her debut in Bollywood with Mission Majnu, was recently seen in town. An actress’ video goes viral on the internet where she can see that she does not wear her mask before she leaves her car.

Don't forget your mask; Rashmika Mandanna's mistake goes viral

Soon after she realised her mistake, while her driver handed her a mask, she covered the face with her hands. Her driver offered a blue operation mask but later on she saw a black mask wearing it.

The networkers were driven in no time by Rashmika. One of the users wrote, ’50rs of kaato iska overacts’ and one of them wrote, ‘overacting….he has given her a blue mask n she wears black to mask ka bhi tha uff drama’ Others found its reaction adorable while there were.

One fan said, “A cutie like that,” and the other wrote, “She’s love.” Shooting for her second film, ‘Goodbye,’ Rashmika is currently busy. Amitabh and Neena Gupta also perform in the film.

Earlier, the performer had said to BT, “I am my senior and a beautiful guy, speaking of Sidharth Malhotra, her partner.

He is full of star qualities, but is helpful and helpful. He often led me to use the dialect we have to talk about in the movie and also helped me to sharpen my performance.

I always look for what my co-actor feels when I perform a scene. I need to see if my emotions hit him or her on a chord. I know I can communicate the emotions to the audience if they react in the correct way.”

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