Sony is now allegedly shipping the new PS5 Pro. According to rumors, the tech company is already shipping around 1,500 lbs of consoles overseas, from the United Kingdom to Norfolk.
On November 12, 2020, the new Sony PlayStation 5 gaming console is seen for sale at an electronics shop in Kawasaki, Kanagawa prefecture.
This is a bid deal because Sony hasn’t made any significant improvements to the latest PlayStation 5. It’s been more than a year since it was released in November 2020, but Sony has yet to release its successor.

According to recent rumors, Sony will not unveil the new PS5 Pro until 2023. However, this estimated launch date is subject to change.

Sony Is Supposedly Shipping the PS5 Pro

According to the most recent BGR report, Sony is now shipping nearly 700 kg (1,500 lbs) of PS5 Pro consoles. This information was obtained from a shipping ledger, which was first made public by Tweak Town.

According to the shipping ledger, Sony is delivering the new gaming devices in four carton packages. However, critics claim that it is still unclear whether the packages contain ready-made consoles, despite the fact that the tech manufacturer now has operations in Norfolk.

Other speculations, on the other hand, claim that the leaked shipping ledger actually refers to console components. However, some people believe that these parts aren’t for the new PS5 Pro because Sony is working on the new PSVR2.

Walmart PS5 Restock | Online Only with Limited 1 Per Household | Tech Times

The mysterious packages are still a mystery for the time being. If you are a Sony customer, the best thing you can do right now is to wait for further announcements from the company.

Which will come first, the PSVR2 or the PS5 Pro?

At the moment, Sony and other game gadget manufacturers are still dealing with rising chip shortages. As a result, many people familiar with the company’s work believe that the new PlayStation 5 Pro will not be released anytime soon.

Meanwhile, Sony has already confirmed its new PlayStation VR 2 device. This means that PSVR2 is very likely to be the first to arrive.

Many fans, however, remain hopeful that the rumoured console components included in Sony’s mysterious shipment are indeed for the successor to the current PS5 model.

In other news, new PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 Plus video games will be released in March. Meanwhile, a new Sony PS5 patent claims that the company will improve the so-called ray-tracing feature even further.

Keep an eye on TechTimes for more information on Sony and other major console manufacturers.

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