The first tranche of Sovereign Gold Bond 2021-22 is open for five days from Monday. The Sovereign Gold Bonds were launched in 2015 and are government securities denominated in grammes of gold. The gold bonds are issued on behalf of the government of India by the Reserve Bank of India. The problem price was fixed at CHF4,777 per gramme, according to the Central Bank last week.

“All three of them, whether gold, gold, or gold, are an ideal way of investing in gold, since they all carry minimal risk and are fairly cost efficient “Yogesh Kalwani said – Head, Incred Wealth investment.

Sovereign Gold Bond issue gives Akshaya Tritiya a miss: Here is how you may  still invest in SGB - The Financial Express

Who can buy? Who can buy?

The gold bond scheme was first introduced to change the outlook for financial investment purchase of gold. Residents, Hindu Undivided Family (HUF), trusts, universities and charitable institutions are eligible to apply.

Sovereign Bond Topic Price

The Indian Reserve Bank fixed the problem price at ±4,777 per gramme. The issue price of the gold bonds is derived from the simple average price of gold of 999 pure gold published for the past three business days of the week preceding the subscription period by the Indian Bullion and Jewelers Association Limited.

Your interest on Sovereign Gold Bonds is taxable according to the tax bracket applicable. However, there is no Source or TDS tax deducted. “These gold bonds are eight years mature and after five years they are eligible for early exit. The capital gains earned by Sovereign Gold Bonds at the time of maturity are completely tax-free. When you exit Sovereign Gold Bonds before the secondary market matures, the capital gains are taxed in a manner similar to physical gold or gold ETFs, “Archit Gupta, ClearTax’s founder and chief executive officer, explained.

You should invest? Should you invest?

“Sovereign Gold Bonds, investors seeking for an additional 2.5% income and those wanting to build a long-term prime cost investment, Kalwani said.

“The vehicle is the investors who methodically attempt to improve their gold attention and liquidity, gold and ETFs, “He added that.

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