10 Deaths Due To COVID In 26 Days In Makha village, Punjab

Ten people have died in the small village of Makha in Punjab’s Mansa district in the last 26 days. Only three of the deceased were confirmed to be Covid-19 positive, according to villagers, but the others were exhibiting symptoms as well.

Coronavirus updates | April 24, 2021 - The Hindu

Everyone in Makha, which has only 1,000 voters, is now on high alert, even for minor signs of infection. Two BKU Dakaunda office bearers, Kewal Krishan and Amrik S, were among the deceased. “On April 28, the first death occurred.

On April 13, Manjeet’s father returned to the village from New Delhi, he said. “He was diabetic, and his sugar levels spiked, for which he was being treated at the time. He had a fever by April 26.

His oxygen level dropped to 50 on April 28. Manjeet said he is now being “extra cautious,” but the fight against farm laws will continue. Amrik Singh, 68, the village in-charge of BKU Dakaunda and an active member of the farmers’ union, passed away on May 1.

He had a fever and other symptoms, but he was never tested for Covid, according to Charanjit. On May 24, Saudagar Singh, 70, and Labh Kaur, 65, died after testing positive for Covid-19.

They were cremated on the same day, in accordance with Covid protocol. According to records, the only three Covid deaths in the village were Kewal Krishan, Saudagar Singh, and Labh Kaur.

Despite not testing positive for Covid, Charanjeet claims that six of the ten deceased were taken directly from the hospital to the burial ground and cremated in accordance with Covid standards.

Gurlal Singh (70), Jasbir Kaur (66), and Gurpreet Singh are among them (42). “According to the records, their RT-PCR tests were negative. However, they had Covid symptoms, which is why their families followed protocol.

“Their bodies were delivered in bags,” Charanjeet explained. Gurpreet Singh served as the village’s Nambardar.

He was breathless and had a high fever before his death, so he was taken to a private hospital in Barnala, from where he was being transported to Ludhiana, but he died there. Mohinderpal, DC is a member of the Democratic Party of India (BJP).

“Three Covid deaths have been confirmed in the village,” Mansa told The Indian Express. In all villages, we are conducting door-to-door surveys, and sampling is underway in this one as well.

If so many people died in less than a month, it’s a tragedy.” “Three patients in this village were Covid positive,” said Sukhwinder Singh, civil surgeon Mansa.

Charanjeet, who claims only three or four deaths have occurred in the village in the last 4-5 months, warns villagers not to take Covid lightly.

“Avoid self-medication,” he advised. It is surprising that during sampling, people who have symptoms do not show up and continue to self-medicate.

Villagers must recognise that such a high death rate in a small village is not a good sign. “Nowadays, hardly anyone goes out. We want the authorities to test everything in this village,” he added.

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