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Delhi coronavirus: Several hospitals have reported a shortage of oxygen, beds, and medications in the last three days due to an increase in Covid cases.

Jaipur Golden Hospital is the city’s second hospital to issue an SOS this morning due to a lack of oxygen.

25 Covid Patients Dead At Delhi Hospital Due To Low Oxygen Pressure

Earlier, in a tweet, Moolchand hospital requested immediate assistance from Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, and Lieutenant Governor Anil Baijal. It noted that over 130 Covid patients are on life support. New Delhi, India: Twenty-five people died last night at Delhi’s Jaipur Golden Hospital due to a medical oxygen shortage, a hospital official said today, highlighting the deteriorating situation in the capital’s hospitals.
“The government had allocated us 3.5 metric tonnes of oxygen. The supply was supposed to arrive by 5 p.m., but it arrived around midnight. Dr. DK Baluja, Medical Director at Jaipur Golden Hospital, told NDTV that 25 patients had died by that time.

At least 215 Covid patients are critically ill and in desperate need of oxygen, he added.


The hospital has now sought assistance from the Delhi High Court. “A major human tragedy is about to unfold in our hospital in the next few minutes. Already, 25 lives have been lost. We are suffocating from a lack of oxygen. We have our physicians in front of you. Kindly spare lives. Please,” Jaipur Golden Hospital pleaded.

Delhi hospitals seek oxygen for 4th day, 25 Covid patients die at Ganga Ram  | Cities News,The Indian Express

Sos assistance is required immediately. @Moolchand Hos, we have less than two hours of oxygen supply. We are desperate and have attempted to contact all nodal officer numbers but have been unable to connect. We have over 135 COVID patients, many of whom are on life support. @ArvindKejriwal @CMODelhi @LtGovDelhi @satinderjain26 @PMOIndia (sic),” Moolchand Healthcare tweeted this morning. According to sources, the hospital has halted new patient admissions until the issue is resolved.

Madhu Handa, Medical Director of Moolchand Hospital, sobbed as she described the situation to NDTV an hour later. “At the moment, we are down to approximately 30 minutes (of oxygen supply), but cognizance has been taken and nodal officers have responded. However, I believe that other hospitals are confronted with a similar issue. As a result, they must now prioritise.”

Several hospitals have flagged a crisis in oxygen supply, beds, and medications over the last three days, and many have approached the Delhi High Court for assistance.


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