On May 15, a WhatsApp spokesperson told PTI that no accounts would be deleted because the policy update had been rejected.

“On May 15, no accounts will be deleted, nor will anyone in India lose WhatsApp functionality. We’ll send out reminders in the coming weeks “In an email, the spokesman responded to Friday’s inquiry.

The speaker went on to say that while “the majority of users who received new terms of service accepted them,” some people were still unable to do so.

However, the company did not explain why it made the decision and did not reveal how many users have accepted the terms so far.

WhatsApp users were notified of changes in service and public policy in January of this year via an on-app notification. Prior to February 8, users had time to agree to new terms in order to continue using the platform.

About WhatsApp Policy

According to WhatsApp, key updates include more information about its service and how it processes username information, as well as how businesses can use Facebook hosting services to store and manage their WhatsApp chats.

Accepting privacy policy updates, according to WhatsApp, does not increase Facebook’s ability to share user data.

The company was forced to postpone the February deadline due to user reaction to alleged user information sharing with Facebook.

According to a WhatsApp spokesman, the company has been working in recent months to “clear misinformation and confusion.”

“This update has no effect on the privacy of anyone’s personal messages. Our goal is to inform people about new ways to communicate with businesses via WhatsApp “The speaker stated.

The company also stated that it would take any opportunity to explain how it safeguards people’s personal messages and information.

According to government data, India is WhatsApp’s largest market, with 53 crore users.

With its large population and rising internet adoption, India remains an important market for internet companies such as Facebook.

The country has the world’s second-largest telecom market and the most data consumers.

Following the backlash against WhatsApp earlier this year, rival platforms such as Telegram and Signal grew in popularity as users flocked to these platforms.

WhatsApp has previously stated that it is willing to answer any government questions about privacy and will continue to inform users that their messages are encrypted from beginning to end.


WhatsApp New policy Update

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