Babulal Kharadi, BJP MLA, Has Denied Reports Of His Death

Babulal Kharadi MLA of BJP death rumors viralized the social media on Sunday but the legislator was soon dismissed. The rumours began after a man posted his social media report on the death of the MLA.

BJP MLA Babulal Kharadi quashes death rumours | India News,The Indian  Express

Jhadol Circle officer Girdhar Singh said the man had a place in Udaipur, where police teams began their search.

The circle officer said that his mobile phone was switched off. He stated that no FIR has been filed in this regard as of yet, but that action is being taken for breach of peace.

The Jhadol MLA told PTI that his party workers were upset about the incident, and he had to issue a statement about his health on social media.

He claimed it was the work of a Bhartiya Tribal Party (BTP) worker. The Jhadol Police Station workers have lodged a complaint in this matter, said the MLA.

“I also told the police officer in Kotda that, if such news came, the investigation should be conducted. He assured me of an inquiry,” said Kharadi.

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