Britney Spears Wanted His Life Back..!

Britney Spears told Los Angeles courtrooms—and the world as well— that, during a 23-minute bombshell speech on Wednesday, she desperately wanted to end the conservative system that she had overseeed for over the past thirteen years, calling her a drug-controlled abusive system and forced to work against her will.

Britney Spears Speaks at Hearing, Asks to End Conservatorship: 'I Just Want  My Life Back' - Opera News

“I was in negation. I was in shock. I was in shock. Spears said during a remote hearing on the phone and insisted on it being broadcast publicly. I’m traumatised. “I only want to return my life.”

“Without having to be evaluated” Spears asked the arrangement to end and added, “I shouldn’t be in conservatories if I can work. The laws must be amended.” “I really think that this conservation is abusive,” said the singer.

I don’t think it was heard at any level.” She said she could not request the custody’s end, she didn’t know. She said “But I didn’t know that, I’m so sorry for my ignorance.”

She said, “What I have been through is embarrassing and demoralising, and that’s the main reason I have not told this openly. No one would believe me, I didn’t think.”

Following a brief recess, on behalf of her client, Vivian Lee Thoreen, James P. Spears lawyer, known as Jamie: “I’m sorry to see her daughter suffer and suffer so much,” she said. “His daughter loved Mr. Spears and he very missed her.”

Spears’ speech came following a request from the conservatory lawyer appointed by the singer’s court, Samuel D. Ingham III, in April to allow Spears — quickly — to directly address the judge.

Last year, Ingham began asking Spears to ma

ke substanceful changes to the conservatory, including to strip her father of power, who had been overseeing her personal life and finances for a long time. Ngham said at the time Jamie Spears was a conservator “his client strongly opposed,” adding her dad was afraid and would not come back to perform as long as he was in charge.

In addition Ingham said that the singer “would vehemently reject this effort by her father to keep her legal struggle as a family secret in the closet.” Spears also called for more transparency, via her lawyer.

The recent confidential court records of The New York Times revealed that Spears, 39, had raised questions about the role of her father already in 2014 and asked for the termination of the conservatory, although Ingham has not filed an application for it in public.

Since 2008, when concerns about mental health and the potential abuse of drugs by a singer led him to petition the court for authority against his daughter, Spears has been under twin curatorial authority in California — covering his individuals and his estates.

Spears told the judge at a closed door hearing in 2019 that she was forced to perform against her will and felt compelled to remain in a mental health facility by the conservatory. According to court records, she said nothing was wrong with her.

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