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Camila Cabello is speaking out about her split from Shawn Mendes for the first time since the couple announced their amicable split in November 2021. Camila appeared on Apple Music’s New Music Daily with Zane Lowe recently to discuss her new single “Bam Bam” and upcoming album, Familia. Since its March 4 release, many fans have speculated that Camila’s new song, a collaboration with Ed Sheeran, is inspired by her and Shawn’s breakup, and have been analyzing the song’s opening verse in particular.”I said I’d love you for the rest of my life, but I just sold our house.

We were kids at first, but I guess we’re grown-ups now / “I couldn’t imagine ever having doubts / But not everything works out,” Camila sings at the beginning of “Bam Bam.

“During her interview with Zane, the singer took a moment to explain the personal references in the song and spoke at length about the split. Camila explained the new song’s lyrics to Zane, saying she was trying to convey “that things change and things take really unexpected turns.

“I f*ckin’ adore Shawn.” And I feel like there’s nothing but love for him,” the singer explained.

Bam Bam' Album: Camila Cabello Opens Up About Her Break Up With Shawn Mendes

“This song is mostly about thinking, ‘Okay, how do I make a song that shows the cycles of love and life?’…” You know, whatever it is that’s going on in your life. Whether it’s a breakup or a divorce, or, as you mentioned, a friend breakup or you’ve just been through something really bad.

Hopefully, you’ll think to yourself, ‘It’s that way now, but things are always taking crazy turns.'” Camila also told Zane that her priorities and focus have always “fluctuated” over the years, including the years she was dating Shawn. “Those years that we were together.

My only concern was how to live a happy life and be in a healthy, happy relationship. I was in a lot of therapy. My focus has shifted significantly. And even now, while I’m in promotion mode, if I’m not having fun, what’s the point?” Camila stated. “I believe my priorities are shifting as I get older.” And I believe it was the same for both of us. We’re still learning how to be healthy adults because we both started so young. And sometimes that means putting your family first rather than your career. And that’s fine.”

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