Chhatriwali Starring Rakul Preet Singh Film Review Educational But Slow

How many of you still keep your mouths shut when the subject of sex comes up? How many of you soften your voice when you say “condom”? If your answers to these questions are “mostly,” we have a problem. This is a theme explored in Rakul Preet Singh’s latest film, Chhatriwali. The film, starring Rakul Preet Singh and Sumeet Vyas, is entertaining but has some predictable plot points. But was it truly a victory? What exactly is it?

The protagonist of Chhatriwali, on the other hand, does not work in an umbrella factory (as the name suggests). The name appears in the film in two contexts. The first is when Rakul (Sanya) pretends to work at an umbrella factory because she is too embarrassed to tell anyone about her day job as a quality supervisor at a condom factory. Second, condoms are also known as chhatri in many parts of the world. As a result, the application. Let us now return to the story.

Sanya keeps quiet about the condom factory because she is embarrassed to talk about it, despite the fact that she excels in chemistry and is highly regarded at her job. She marries Sumeet Vyas, who has no idea where his wife works until the final scene. After some setbacks, Sanya eventually persuades her family and society that discussing sex education and the use of condoms is not a taboo subject. That was one of the few issues I had with the movie. Certain sections are almost preachy.

Chhatriwali delivers an important message. The use of condoms and the practise of safe sexual activity. The film educates while also making fun of a topic that is still taboo in many parts of the world. Tejas Vijay Deoskar’s film shows middle school students the consequences of using abortion pills without first consulting their teachers. There are also lighthearted interludes strewn throughout to counteract any potential heaviness. The film’s central message—the importance of sex education—is clear, but it becomes tedious about halfway through.

The film has a more upbeat tone at the start, but it drags in the middle. Some of the situations depicted, such as when Sumeet Vyas’ brother (played by Rajesh Tailang) refuses to discuss sex education despite being a middle school biology teacher, are typical of how most Indian households function when the subject of sex is brought up. However, there are times when this becomes excessive. Perhaps it would have been easier to understand if the situation or subject had been different.

In addition, Rakesh Bedi’s cameo as the shopkeeper at the medical clinic who is tired of customers buying things like mosquito spray and toothbrushes before asking for a chhatri deserves praise (if you know what it means). This is a classic case of a condescending stare at the condom counter. The screenwriter gets bonus points for not distorting reality.

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