BTS, Hello everyone, I am Monica from India and on the 9th Anniversary of Our Bangtan Boys, I want to convey a message.

Happy 9 years of togetherness. It’s been 9 years since your K-Pop debut, but this is my second year with you; I wish I could have known and supported you sooner. But it didn’t take me much time to become an ARMY and to know you guys. After knowing all of your hard work, dedication and efforts behind your success, I feel proud of you all.

I am an ARMY from India and on this lovely day, I want to tell you that your voice, music and message have impacted Indians too. They all admire you all, they learn from your messages presented by your songs. They love to hear the words of wisdom. Your songs really touch our souls, they make us feel pleased and deserving. The new generation is getting inspired by your story behind success, from being 7 normal boys to worldwide famous idols.

Today on this special day, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for spreading so much happiness, love and joy all over the world. You are that vital component of my existence that I will always require. Because of you guys I was able to make a new start with all of my energy, because of you all I was able to make new friends.

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Last but not the least, I just want to convey a small message that you are doing great, the world is proud of you guys just keep going and we will love you a lot forever. Take care of yourself, stay healthy and fine.

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