Glass Tumbler

Oh, that’s where the glass tumbler ended up. In a case report published in the journal Urology Case Reports, doctors discovered a glass tumbler that a 45-year-old woman had misplaced about four years before. And urine as a surprise as to where they discovered this glass tumbler. Here’s a tidbit. It was not in the woman’s pantry.

When you need a doctor to locate something you’ve misplaced, it’s likely that something has gone horribly wrong. After all, you don’t usually call your doctor when you can’t find your Spiderman underwear. In this case, the woman had been suffering from urgenturia for about a year before going to the ER. Urgency may sound like a cafeteria when you need food quickly. However, it is a feeling of urinary urgency, a persistent need to empty your bladder. It’s called urgency because “I really need to pee” isn’t usually followed by “let’s go for a leisurely stroll in the park” or “can you tell me that really long storey about your thumbtack collection again?”

Woman Inserted A Glass Tumbler Inside Her Urethra, Forgot About It For Four  Years | The Daily Caller

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Urinary urgency is a common symptom of a urinary tract infection (UTI), as when your bladder walls become irritated, they frequently contract or spasm. According to the case report, the woman had previously received treatment for bladder infections at the Academic Hospital Habib Bourguiba in Sfax, Tunisia (Ahmed Chaabouni, Ahmed Samet, Mohamed Fourati, Houcem Harbi, Mohamed Amine Mseddi, and Mourad Hadjslimene). However, no one had ever taken a closer look at her bladder.

A urinalysis on a sample of the woman’s urine found both red blood cells and a large number of white blood cells while she was in the emergency room. This could have been expected in the case of a typical UTI. An X-ray of her pelvic area, on the other hand, revealed something even more unusual: an object that appeared to be shaped like a glass. And, regardless of what you call your genitals, nothing in your pelvis should be shaped like a glass.

After that, the woman underwent surgery to remove the object from her bladder. And the surgery revealed that the glass was more than half full. It was a glass tumbler encased in calcified material that had apparently been sitting in her bladder for quite some time. The image in the following tweet depicts what was extracted from her bladder by doctors:

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