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Network marketing has been drastically evolving since time and has set its strong presence worldwide. During its initial stages, what started as a part-time job has grown into a full-fledged, full-time career option for many who have jumped onto the ship to help themselves gain a better future. The stream has been offering limitless opportunities for dedicatedly working individuals and striving hard to achieve success by dwelling deep into the subject of network marketing. Within a few years, it has emerged as the most viable source of income that promises tremendous growth and prospects, and the momentum has been picking up pace and in the future without any hiccups. So, what is the end of network marketing, and where does it go from here? Gaurav Gola, who is an expert network marketer, gives his views on the same.

Gaurav Gola With His Team

As we all are aware, network marketing is a method undertaken by an entity to sell its products directly to the consumers without any middlemen in between. There is a direct link between the buyer and the seller. The core belief of any network marketing company is passing on the profits directly to the customers. Here, the distributors develop their entity which sells products directly to the customers or through people recruited under them who serve as a bridge between them and the buyers. Now, how successful is this business model, and how long can it sustain the markets? Yes, it can, as there are reasons galore that make this business model click. A few points by Gaurav are chalked below which proves that network marketing is here to stay for long:

  • Generation of employment: Direct selling has opened up a number of employment opportunities which never existed earlier. A significant number of people are employed through network marketing worldwide as it has a wide market. It acts as a shield against unemployment and hence the prospects of its survival is extremely strong.
  • Rise in women employment: A majority of women have taken up distributorship of direct selling companies on a global scale, which has enhanced their future prospects. This is one of those jobs where one can ideally balance their time as there are no fixed working hours, making this an ideal choice for women.
  • Opportunities for earning passive income: One of the biggest reasons for a number of people joining the network marketing bandwagon is that it’s a one of its kind business which offers passive income to its associates. Once you have built up your base, as people join under you, there’s a steady flow of passive income which starts once your downline starts generating sales.
  • Gives financial freedom: Those who have worked diligently towards building up their foundation are privileged enough to earn a massive income that is generated by the team that works under them. Its offers a lifetime of financial independence which is never seen in any other business models till date.

According to Gaurav, the future of network marketing is bright, and it will steadily grow with time, looking at its various positive traits, which are bound to spiral it to more heights.

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