Google has announced that it will change the way Google Docs renders documents in the near future, which may affect how some Chrome extensions work in the company’s browser.

In a new Google Workspace update, the search giant explained that it will be migrating away from the HTML-based rendering approach currently used in Docs and toward a canvas-based approach over the next few months.

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Google Docs Update

While this upgrade will improve performance and consistency in how content appears across different platforms in Docs, it may have an impact on some Chrome extensions, causing them to no longer function as intended.

Rendering on a canvas
To operate effectively, some Chrome extensions rely primarily on how the back – end of a Google Doc is organized or specific bits of HTML code. However, as Google Docs transitions away from HTML-based rendering and toward canvas-based rendering, some extensions may fail to function as intended when used with Google’s office software and may need to be updated.

Before making the change, administrators should review all of the extensions that are currently in use at their organizations and test them using this example of a Google Doc with canvas-based rendering.

Google recommends that those developing their own integrations with Docs use the Google Workspace Add-ons framework in the future because it uses the supported Workspace APIs and integration points. As a consequence, you’ll must do less work in future to support recurrent UI online time in Docs.

If your organization has created a private Chrome extension that you believe will be impacted and you are unable to migrate to Google’s framework, you can submit this form to provide feedback and notify your team.

Google Docs will gradually transition from HTML to canvas-based rendering over the next few months, giving individuals and organizations plenty of time to prepare.

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