Here's why you need to start your flab to fit transformation with NECMERactive
Here’s why you need to start your flab to fit transformation with NECMERactive

In today’s day and age, taking care of your health is of utmost importance especially due to the long deskjobs, lack of physical activities, number of hidden pollutants and disease-causing germs that are always surrounding us. Being healthy comes in two forms. Firstly, we must keep a check on what we eat and what lifestyle we adopt and secondly, we must choose to maintain fitness through exercise. There are several facts as well as misconceptions about what being physically fit and active means. Bringing clarity to this point of debate is Himshekhar Konwar, the founder of the rising fitness brand, NECMERactive.

Himshekhar Konwar comes from Bongaigaon, one of the major cities in the state of Assam, India. He launched NECMERactive in January of the year 2021. Although not an athlete or a  trainer himself, Himshekhar’s own entrepreneurial drive combined with a passion for a fit lifestyle pushed him to launch his own brand. He has managed to scale the fitness studio to great heights by employing his business and management skills and delegating aspects of training and program customisation to the actual experts. With all the members of staff holding certifications in their areas of expertise, NECMERactive provides some of the best guidance and support, irrespective of whether you are a newbie or a pro.

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Two of the biggest names that are linked to NECMERactive are Mr Pankaj Dutta, who held the title of North East’s Fittest Man twice and Stay Fit Live Pure Academy, an internationally certified fitness training academy for trainers. Apart from the above, what makes NECMERactive stand out from the rest is their scientifically-backed programs which can be further modified based on an individual’s needs. By promoting workouts that are backed by science and research and providing expert supervision, NECMERactive can promise you great results if you follow their training regimen, namely NA CrossX, NA BuildX and NA FitX.

Himshekhar is overwhelmed with the incredible amount of responsibility for the studio. Though he anticipated a good response, he was taken aback by the colossal success of the studio. He plans to expand the studio throughout India and build a great community of fitness enthusiasts. His ambitions do not stop there; he is also excited to further update his mobile application to cater to international clients. His goal is to build a NECMERactive community of at least 1 million fit and healthy individuals in the next five years.

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