Although there is no cure for HIV/AIDS, modern therapies have significantly improved the lives of many people. Antiretroviral therapy, which entails taking a mix of medications every day to prevent the virus from reproducing, is the primary treatment for HIV. These drugs do not cure HIV, but they do help patients live longer, healthier lives. Scientists and health experts throughout the world have been working to develop a one-time therapy or a permanent cure for HIV/AIDS. This is not far from the truth.
Tel Aviv University researchers have devised a novel therapeutic approach that could be evolved into a vaccine or a one-time treatment for HIV/AIDS. The novel method employs type B white blood cells that have been genetically modified inside the patient’s body to generate anti-HIV antibodies in reaction to the virus.

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According to Dr. Barzel, the new approach combats the disease at its source.
“When the modified B cells come into contact with the virus, it stimulates and urges them to divide, thus we are combating the disease’s root cause. Furthermore, if the virus evolves, the B cells will alter to combat it, thus we have invented the first drug that can evolve in the body and kill viruses in the ‘arms race,’ “According to Science Daily, Dr. Barzel stated.

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