NASA’s Ingenuity Mars Helicopter added a lot of firsts. The mini helicopter has completed its fifth flight with its first short one-way trip after it became the first to test power flight in another world and capture the colored image of Martia’s surface.

Nativity On February 18, Mars flew to the Red Planet as he was attached to NASA’s Perseverance rover.

On its fifth Mars flight, the mini-helicopter took a one-way journey from Wright Brothers Field to a new 423 ft (129 m) southbound airfield. It was the first time that it flew to a new landing site on Saturday, the American Space Agency said.

The flight commenced at 15:26 EDT (12:26 PDT, 12:33 local Mars time) and lasted 108 seconds. The departure time was 108 seconds.

When Ingenuity reached his new airfield, it climbed to a record altitude of 33 feet (10 metres) and captured colour images of its new neighbourhood before it touched down.

The fifth flight represents the transition from the rotorcraft to its new phase of operation demonstration. This stage will examine the capabilities of a rotorcraft operating from Mars.

E.g. scouting, air observations of areas not accessible from a rover and detailed atmospheric stereo imaging. These operations and the lessons learned from them could benefit substantially in the future, NASA said.

Ingenuity A Zoomable robot for Mission Mars

“Another major success for the agency is the fifth flight of the Mars Helicopter,” Bob Pearce, NASA Associate Manager, Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate, said in a statement.

“The continuous success of Ingenuity demonstrates the value of bringing the strengths of various skills across the agency together to create the future, such as flying an aircraft on another planet!” Pearce added. Pearce added.

The team of Ingenuity chose the new landing site based on information gathered during the previous flight – the first ‘aerial scout’ operation in another world – which allowed them to generate digital maps that indicate almost completely flat ground with no obstructions.

After landing successfully at its new airfield, Ingenuity will expect future instructions from mission controllers via perseverance.

NASA also reported recording of the helicopter audio and video on Friday. NASA’s Perseverance Mars rover used the fourth flight to the red planet with one of its two microphones to capture the humming sound of the Ingenuity helicopter blades and the din of the wind.

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