Neem Karoli Baba

You’ve heard about a lot of sadhu baba’s who get famous on social media and stay very active in social world, but today we are gonna talk about a pure soul who left  all the materialistic things, and started living a life with no attachments, ie . A Simple life, he was known as the magical man who gave Right Path to mark zuckerberg, julia roberts(hollywood actress), steve job, and made them choose the right path, The Very famous and renowned Neem Karoli Baba, the one’s who met karoli baba achieved success in their life and the road to success automatically came to them.

Neem Karoli Baba

Neem Karoli Baba was born in 1900 in akbarpur named village, located in uttar pradesh.

His real name was lakshman das sharma, he got married by the age of 11 because a well known pandit at that time told his parents that one day lakshman das is going to be a saadhu, so his parents got scared and decided to do his marriage, due to which he left  his home and from then onwards lakshman das left everything and decided to be a sadhu, according to stories he achieved 8 siddhis, he is said to be lord hanuman’s avatar, he used to chant rama rama all the time and anyone who tried to touch his feet for blessings he used to say “ go and touch lord hanuman’s feet”

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So lets see the journey of baba neem karoli, once upon a time baba was traveliing in a train without a ticket in Neeb Karori and when the ticket checker came to check the tickets, baba refused that he doesn’t have the tickets due to which the ticket checker asked him to go out of the train, but the moment baba stepped out of the train, the train stopped working and didn’t moved ahead, then the driver and the ticket checker realized that they made a mistake and apologized baba and asked him to come on the train, but before going on the train, baba said that he has 2 conditions firstly that they should talk respectively not only to saadhu’s but to everyone,  and secondly to make a station there, from that moment he was named as neem karoli baba, and today also on Tuesday’s ie. Lord hanuman’s day, the trains over there are totally free, everyone no matter who, thief, rich, poor, dacait, everyone used to see baba and take his blessings

Neem Karoli Baba

Neem karoli baba had several names like lakshman das, handi wallah baba, and tikonia waale baba, he once said that “if we love everyone and spread happiness, you will automatically find god” baba neem karoli built 2 aashrams first one in vrindavan and second one in kainchi,
After so many years of death, his blessings are still with all of us,  once, facebook was in a very bad condition and was on a verge to be closed, but then mark zuckerberg, founder of facebook, met baba in his aashram, he planned to stay there for one day but he loved the place too much that he stayed for 2-3 days, and from then with baba ji’s blessings, facebook went on another level and its right now growing as we all can see

Another example is of steve jobs, when he went to meet till then baba ji was no more, but he spent somedays in the aashram and with his blessings his company has grown too much, in his interview he said that it was possible with the blessing of neem karoli baba, and it is also said that baba ji used to love apples due to which steve job named his company as Apple.

It is said that any sadhu that stays in temple, that sadhu after his death, stays in that temple,

Presently, if anyone visits that aashram can feel positive energy and can we feel very relaxed, the people over there use to chant baba’s name and the followers staying there tells that they can see baba ji On 11 september 1973 baba ji left his body in vrindavan, according to sources, before he left his body doctors tried very hard, gave them several injections, used to put oxygen mask on their face but baba ji refused to wear that oxygen mask and said that “ its his time to leave the earth “  his last wish was to take ganga jall and spread it all over his body, and with this he left all of us

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Baba ji used to speak very less and used to teach everyone with their eyes , in every pic of his, he used to be in a blanket, he used to sit anywhere, sleep anywhere and eat whatever he gets, in his tempels not only indians, you can see a lot of people who came from foreign just to get there blessings,  and his teachings and lectures are taught to the students in foreign, You cannot visit his aashram and temple just like that, you need to write a proper letter and submit to their website, atleast 30 days before the visit, and if you are lucky to get baba ji’s blessings then only you can go there.  

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