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Holistic Meditation: The benefits of meditation appear to be even more attractive to cope and to heal, after the emotional and national turmoil that we have survived in recent years.

What is Meditation and 7 Benefits of Meditation. Vagzag - VagZag Blog

Regular meditation not only provides you with the feeling of calmness, peace and balance, but also provides you with the time you need to inspect yourself in order to make you feel more comfortable – physical and mental.

The advantages don’t stop after the end of the session – even if it is only a few minutes out of your hectic schedule a certain time for meditation can allow you to glide smoothly all day.

We have definitely stressed the importance of meditation regularly. But it can look just as simple as it can, meditation – especially at home – can be difficult. How do you build your own zen with so many distractions and chaos?

Whether you are a regular or just beginning, here are some products that you can use to better meditate and create a great environment for it. 1.

Reiki products of crystal Tibetan Singing Bowl: This has recently been included in many meditation routines.

The concept of singing bowls originated from ancient Tibetan cultures and is ideal to relax and enjoy a calm meditative state. The bowl produces a harmonious, healing sound known when gently taped with the wooden stick.

2. Solimo Incense Sticks: This pack of four refreshing fragrances – Rose, Sandalwood, Jasmine, and Lavender – is perfect for creating a calming environment, auspicious occasions, aromatherapy, and meditation. They help you stay focused while meditating by removing unpleasant odours and energies.

3. KC Kullicraft Soapstone Marble Hand Carved Incense Holder: This is a handcrafted incense holder that will help you focus while also improving the aura of your home.

It is made of the finest soapstone marble and features an intricately carved jali pattern with floral motifs. The jali top includes a marble holder for incense sticks, camphor, tea light candles, and other items, as well as 6 free incense sticks in Chandan fragrance.

4. Omved Purified Essential Grounding Oil Blend : This grounding oil is supposed to be applied to your pressure points before starting meditation and enriched with 100% vegan Frankincense, Holy Basil, Vetiver and Palmarosa essential oils. Oil supplements.

The natural earthy, floral fragrances help you to reduce anxiety and stress and literally ground you before you begin.

The 7 pillars, which symbolise the seven chakras in your body, are ideal for Reiki, chakra balance, soul healing, generation of peace of mind and positive energy, purification of aura, acupressure and massage. 5.

5. Chakra balance and healing: Touch and crystal therapy have proven to be a marvel, and using them during meditation will make you feel relaxed and balanced. This set also includes a useful booklet on how to therapeutically use crystal and its advantages.

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