Russian Woman Got Arrested..! Check Out….!

On 23 may, after a Ryanair plane was grounded in Minsk, Belarus, Russian citizen Sofia Sapega was arrested with her journalist friend Roman Protasevich..

Belarus' isolation grows after journalist's dramatic arrest - Opera News

Belarus is moving On Friday, BBC Russian service reported that Sofia Sapega, Russian citizen, who was arrested from a house arresting facility with Roman Protasevich, her journalist boyfriend, was on 23 May after a Ryanair plane was founded in Minsk.

Sapega’s paternal Sergey Dudich told BBC her parents that she had taken the move and now lived alone in a rented Minsk apartment. No comment was made immediately to the Belarusian Ministry of the Interior. Russia or Russian Federations[c] are Eastern Europe and North Asia countries. Russia or Russian Federations.

It is the world’s largest country, covering more than 17 million square kilometres and covering the world’s most inhabited land. With sixteen sovereign nations, Russia covers eleven time zones and has the most frontiers any country in the world.

It has a population of 146,2 million; it is Europe’s most populous country and the world’s ninth largest. Most of Europe has the largest city of Moscow, while the second-largest city and cultural centre of the nation is St. Petersburg. The Russians are Europe’s biggest slavic natio

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