Tips For Quitting Smoking..!

Tips….Tips….! Why should you give up smoking? Tobacco use kills approximately 8 lakh people in India each year. Cigarettes contain addictive nicotine as well as 4000 chemicals that are known carcinogens.

No Smoking Day 2021: Follow these tips to get rid of your addiction

Tobacco use is responsible for 40% of cancer diagnoses in India. Tobacco use causes long-term lung and cardiovascular disease.

First and foremost: Consider your smoking habits, and consider why you became addicted to them. Do not pretend that you are not a smoker. Accept it as a challenge. It is not a good idea to be overconfident about quitting.

Set a deadline for yourself. Do not put it off. Be tenacious. Take advantage of the assistance of family members, friends, and colleagues; they will be delighted to assist you. Always remember that you must take a step; do not blame others or stress for your addiction. Our minds are capable of overcoming any addiction.

How to Cut Down on the Quantity: Keep track of how many cigarettes you smoke and how frequently you smoke. Change to a cigarette brand you dislike. Reduce the number of puffs you take while smoking. Do not take a deep breath. Don’t stock up on cigarette packs; instead, buy fewer cigarettes.

How to deal with the desire to smoke: Delay the urge for one or two hours by counting numbers. Make a distraction for yourself. Remember that the urge will only last a few minutes. When the urge is extremely strong, you can use nicotine gums, chewing gums, or toffee. Manage the stimuli associated with smoking, for example, drink coffee or juice instead of tea, and so on.

Remove items from your home and office that remind you of smoking (ashtrays, lighters etc.) Deep breaths will help you relax. Squeeze out small sips of water.

Smoking after cessation: Feel good with your conduct. Feel good. Discuss your performance with people, it will increase your self-confidence. Tell no to colleagues or friends’ smoking offers. Avoid smokers’ company and try not to take one breath.

Exercise techniques of relaxation – deep breathing, music, exercise, etc. Know symptoms of withdrawal such as irritability, reduction in concentration, headache, unrest. These symptoms last only for a few days and are temporary.

If you fail, do not be disillusioned. Quitting is a process and recurrence is common, you have to know it. If, despite many attempts, you cannot stop, seek medical assistance.

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