Twitter Loses Legal Protection...!

Twitter has lost its legal protection against prosecution of users in India because of its failure to comply with the new rules that require it to appoint the most senior officials in the country.

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Government sources have stated today that an assault that the police say tried to stir community troubles was filed on Uttar Pradesh against the social media giant over Tweets.

Sources from the Ministry of Electronics and IT said that Twitter still did not comply with all the rules that came into force on 25 May. “Their protection as an intermediary is gone because of non-compliance. Twitter is liable, as any publisher, for criminal proceedings against any Indian law, “Sources said. Sources said.

Last night, in connection with an attack of a suspected Muslim elderly man on 5 June, the first case of Twitter responsible for third-party content was filed in Uttar Pradesh’s Ghaziabad.

Twitter was accused of not deleting “misleading” content associated with the incident in its First Information Report (FIR). The man, Sufi Abdul Samad, alleged that his barbarium was shut, and he was compelled by a group that assaulted him to sing “Vande Matram” and “Jai Shri Ram.”

The police of the UP say that he lied, it was not a community event as tweeted. The man was attacked by six men – Hindus and Muslims – who, according to the police, were uprooted by the amulets he sold.

The police FIR accuses Twitter and several journalists of inciting “communal sentiments” by sharing the man’s allegations in their posts.

The police also claim that on the night of June 14, they shared a press release on Twitter with details and refuting the communal angle, but despite the clarification, the removed tweets “They are liable for penal action because they do not have any protection and did not flag this video as manipulated media,” government sources said.

According to the government, Twitter is the only tech platform that has failed to follow rules requiring major digital platforms to hire India-based officers, including a Chief Compliance Officer.

Twitter announced on Tuesday that it had appointed an interim Chief Compliance Officer and would soon share details with the Ministry of Information Technology.

Twitter, according to a spokesperson, is “continuing to make every effort” to comply with the new guidelines and is keeping the IT Ministry updated on progress at all times. When the new rules went into effect last month, Twitter expressed concern about what it called “the potential threat to freedom of expression. “

Earlier this month, Twitter had received a stern “last notice” saying it was not willing to do so, which showed its “lack of commitment and efforts” in order to provide the people of India with a safe, secure experience.

“There is no doubt that, even if it is operational in India for over a decade, Twitter Inc has vehemently refused to establish a mechanism that allows people in India to resolve their problems on the platform in a timely, transparent and fair way through India-based, clearly identified resources.”

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