US Independence Day: Prime Minister Sent A Tweet To Biden
Why it has to be Biden | The Economist

US On the 245th anniversary of the country’s independence, Prime Minister Narendra Modi greeted President Joe Biden and the people of the United States on Sunday.

Prime Minister Modi has tweeted to the effect that India and the United States share values of liberty and freedom as vibrant democracies and that their strategic partnerships are truly global.

On July 4, the United States celebrates its Independence Day. Prime Minister Modi stated, “Congratulations and greetings to @POTUS @JoeBiden and the people of the United States on their 245th anniversary of independence.

India and the United States, both vibrant democracies, share values of liberty and freedom.

Our strategic partnership is truly global in scope.” Modi was appointed Chief Minister of Gujarat in 2001 as a result of Keshubhai Patel’s failing health and poor public image following the Bhuj earthquake.

Modi was quickly elected to the legislative assembly. His administration has been accused of being complicit in the 2002 Gujarat riots or has been chastised for its handling of the situation.

A Special Investigation Team appointed by the Supreme Court found no evidence to initiate criminal proceedings against Modi personally.

His policies as Chief Minister have been lauded for promoting economic growth. His administration has been chastised for failing to significantly improve the state’s health, poverty, and education indicators.

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