Email sent by brands with a BIMI record are labelled “Digitally Certified” in the Mail app, which is visible after pressing to enlarge the email’s header. A “Learn More” link next to the label takes you to the following message: “This email was validated as coming from the owner of the logo seen and the domain []”

According to the BIMI Group website, in order for a brand’s logo to be shown, the sender’s domain must pass DMARC authentication checks. If the email is validated, the Mail app searches the DNS for a relevant BIMI entry.

image 165

According to a tweet provided by software engineer Charlie Fish, Chase Bank appears to be a brand that has used BIMI, with the Chase logo appearing next to an email sent by the bank in the Mail app on iOS 16. According to the BIMI Group, BIMI is also supported by Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and Fastmail.

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