Obesity and body weight have long been related to cancer, but can they be reversed by losing weight? According to one study, the answer is a resounding yes, at least for people who have bariatric surgery and lose a significant amount of weight.

According to a JAMA study, those who had the procedure were 32% less likely to have cancer and 48% less likely to die from cancer than those who did not.
The findings were obtained from a long-term study of over 30,000 Cleveland Clinic patients conducted between 2004 and 2017. All of the patients had a BMI of 25 or greater, which is considered “class 2” or “moderate risk” obesity by medical authorities.


“According to the American Cancer Society, obesity is second only to tobacco as a preventable cause of cancer in the United States,” stated the study’s lead author, Steven Nissen, M.D., Chief Academic Officer of the Heart, Vascular, and Thoracic Institute. “This study provides the best data available on the value of deliberate weight loss in lowering cancer risk and mortality.”
Approximately 5,000 patients aged 18 to 80 years who had gastric bypass or gastric sleeve surgery were followed up on during the study period. None of the study participants had ever been diagnosed with cancer.

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Bariatric surgery involves making changes to your digestive system to help you lose weight. When diet and exercise fail to work or you have serious health issues as a result of your weight, you may require bariatric surgery. As a result of the operation, you may be limited in how much you can drink. Other common ways work by impairing the body’s ability to absorb nutrients.
It should also be emphasised that bariatric surgery is not appropriate for everyone who is severely overweight. Certain medical issues may be required to be qualified for weight-loss surgery. You’ll almost certainly have to go through a rigorous screening process to see if you qualify. You must also be willing to make long-term changes to live a healthier lifestyle.

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