Bibsikha LLP By Bibek Bora A One Of A Kind Startup From Northeast India Receives The Green Enterprise Award

There are tons of successful businesses and brands that, over the years across industries, are not just known for what they offer but, most importantly, for how their work makes a larger impact on the lives of their target demographic or the planet as a whole. The world needs more and more powerful platforms like these that can change the game of the environment for the better and, through their successes, inspire greatness in their fields. Thus, it is also essential to put more light on these platforms and companies that adopt unconventional paths to go ahead in becoming an excellent reason behind bigger developments and changes in the world, just like Bibsikha LLP by Bibek Bora has been doing.

Bibsikha LLP emerges as a one-of-a-kind startup hailing from Northeast India that now has received the Green Enterprise Award. It has grown massively as a climate change mitigation and advisory group from Northeast India to have won this prestigious award and honor at Utkrisht 2022, a platform by NEWS 18 Assam. Bibsikha LLP is the brainchild of Bibek Bora, who founded it in 2020, headquartered in Jorhat, Assam. He always wanted to create platforms or projects that could give back to the planet and work for climate change and energy efficiency. Hence, in the form of Bibsikha LLP, he, along with his team, created an integrated and effective platform with a three-dimensional approach for Energy, Environment, and Ecosystem conservation projects.

The much-talked-about startup actively works on the implementation of a clean cooking initiative in Chhattisgarh, which includes specially designed cooking stoves for helping rural people in the state, provided free of cost under carbon-mitigation projects. Bibek Bora is proud of how far they have brought this project, highlighting that the cooking stoves release bare minimum smoke, consume less firewood than the traditional ones, and reduce cooking time by almost half, preventing loss of energy.

These cooking stoves are unique and helpful because they release minimum carbon dioxide into the environment, contributing to the mitigation of carbon footprints. Bibsikha LLP is now looking forward to facilitating livelihood development projects and climate change solutions at the grass-root level across India by collaborating with state governments and corporate companies.

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