Debashish Talukdar: | We seldom feel change is not at all easy to incorporate into our system and lives. Unforeseen situations and events kick us off from our comfort zone. We often do not get the desired results we seek and feel disappointed. The current global pandemic era has been the same for all, has totally kicked us off from our chair and has caught us off guard.

People have lost not only money but also their loved ones in the struggle. There are umpteen number industries that have suffered, to name a few- Airlines, Hotel, and restaurants, FMCG’s, export and many more. The economy has gone for the toss as well, impacting billions around the globe. India was another country within the map not been left affected by Covid-19. One of the World’s largely populated country has seen unforeseen situations, especially with its healthcare infrastructure into scrambles.

During such testing times, one young budding entrepreneur who has come up with unique products to help resolve matters to some extent in the hospitality sector is Debashish Talukdar. His firm “Valetudo Systems” and its products have been one source of light for many hotels and restaurants, which will help them return to regular business routines and get the overall business and economy running.

Debashish Talukdar:

Valetudo Systems builds a vital bridge between the hospitality sector and the healthcare industry. They have produced a device that eliminates microorganisms from surfaces and aims at stopping the spread of deadly infectious diseases. Their 1st product is “Helios”, an oven-shaped product that sanitises food using UVC and magnetron. It also comes with an in-built camera. UVC has germicidal effects and decontaminates the surface of the food. At the same time, the magnetron generates microwave energy which travels through a waveguide and is distributed into a metal cavity where the food is cooked.

The waves are absorbed by the food and excite water molecules in the food. This heat then transfers throughout the food cooking it. While the process is on, the in-built camera records a video and send an OTP to the customer, who can see the video of their food being sanitised on the Valetudo Systems Website. Their 2nd product is “Phalion”, a self-driving sanitary robot that sanitises a room in record 5 mins. Phalion also uses GPS to check whether the room was sanitised or not. It becomes a handy device to sanitise hotel rooms and meeting spaces and helps many hotels and workplaces obey government norms and protocols in the current Covid-19 situation.

Debashish Talukdar opines that “Well begun is half done” and says that a good start can catapult better outcomes. With an astonishing range of unique and world-class products under his kitty, Debashish firmly believes in innovating more and developed a vast product portfolio under his wing, which would do wonders for people stuck by such unprecedented times. His sheer passion and interest to innovate and create unique and remarkable products will continue and set a massive benchmark for millions of others to follow.

We wish this visionary and resilient entrepreneur all the very best for all future endeavours.

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