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Dental caries, also known as “cavities,” is the most common chronic disease in children. The disease process is well understood: cavities form in our teeth when bacteria in our mouth break down sugar to produce acid. Acid dissolves the teeth, resulting in holes that can cause difficulty chewing, pain, and infection.Our ambitious but simple goal at Montshire is to eradicate this disease using techniques that are less traumatic, less invasive, and often significantly less expensive.

The 8 best practices for healthy teeth and gums

Dental health is now more accessible and enjoyable thanks to this improved method of care. Nutritional counselling and oral hygiene instruction aid in the development of habits that reduce acid exposure to teeth in children and parents. Antimicrobials that are safe and easy to use, such as betadine and silver diamine fluoride, can be used to directly kill bacteria in our mouth.

These antimicrobials – Silver Diamine Fluoride and Betadine – enable us to treat the disease rather than just the symptoms. Importantly, these minimally invasive techniques help to avoid painful procedures and provide our children with a positive dental experience.

Our team has been able to reduce the number of children ‘put to sleep’ for dental treatment by an estimated 90 percent by focusing on overall health, wellness, and early intervention. This means that our young patients will require less surgical dental work!

Early intervention and encouraging good habits can help set the stage for a lifetime of good oral health. A small change can have a large impact on our children’s lives.

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