Dishes That Can Be Prepare With Lemon As Most Important Component

Cultivating lemons, but do not know how to use them in your backyard? Fret not, because we give you a list of the five best foods that you can prepare with lemon.

Our 38 Best Lemon Recipes | Food & Wine

Lemons are either a powerful ingredient that can be the hero of your platform when it comes to making a delicious meal at home.

There are different types of recipes you can make from delicious to sweet, such as lemon tarts and lemon cake. Here are five best dishes made from citrus fruits:

Lemon Pasta: You can choose pasta, spaghetti or penne and you can use lemon juice to make delicious pasta sauce.

A classic pasta platter with a lemon juice zest is always a safe choice for a delicious main course.

Grilled lemon chicken: Grilled chicken with a dash of lemon is an additional main course dish that can be made using lemons. Allow the chicken marinade to be grilled, the chicken grilled and the lemons used again as a chicken dressing.

Lemon cake:: A tasty, citrus-flavored cake with lemon sponge is an excellent choice for a dessert.

This fruity cake can be served with ice cream and a delicious dessert is served on a hot summer day!

Tart of lemon:: a typical tart of lemon goes a long way. This smooth and silky texture is a classic dessert on the go, a rich crust surrounded by the zing of lemon.

Rice citrus: South Indian cuisine is the staple of Lemon Rice.

With lemon rind, coriander and peanuts you can make this super quick and easy rice recipe for a crunchy crumbling. Serve it with curry, and for the main course you can use it.

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