DIY Face Masks Mulberry Extract

Mulberry extracts have long been marketed as a natural anti-aging hero capable of reducing dark circles and fine lines.

Mulberry Extract: The natural alternative to Hydroquinone | Makari de  Suisse | Natural Skincare Blog

The good news does not end there. Antioxidants aid in the production of Resveratrol, which acts as a shield to prevent the formation of skin damage and wrinkles caused by UV damage and free radicals.

You shouldn’t expect to get tanned. While blemishes and age spots can be quite visible on our faces, mulberries work to protect and limit the occurrence of these, which can help to keep your skin in good health and lighten pigmentation.

If you suffer from dry skin during the monsoon season and beyond, Vitamin A and E I.

Anti-aging Ingredients: Powder of 2 tbsp mulberries Yogurt 1 tbsp Juice of 1/2 pstrs Procedure: Melt all the ingredients together for a paste. Pass the paste evenly on your face and neck with your fingertips. After 20 minutes, wait until the mask dries up and cleanses off.

Skin dry Ingredients: Powder of 2 tbsp mulberry extract 1 tbsp of banana mashed 1 dc aluminium gel Procedure: Three ingredients are well mixed together. On the cleansed side and neck, apply the mixture. Rinse it off for 20 minutes.

Skin bright: Ingredients: Powder of 2 tbsp. Sweetie 1/2 tbsp 1 dc aluminium gel A pinch of turmeric Procedure: Mix all the ingredients and make a face mask to improve your natural skin glow. Smooth it on the face and neck of yourself. Good massage and leave for 20 minutes. Sit down. Use tidy water to remove it.

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