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Isn’t it always amazing to know and learn about all those individuals who work harder each day, not just to build their careers stronger but also to provide value to people through their work? Well, different industries and sectors are filled with many such talents, but one story definitely stands apart from the rest about a young doctor, who has now transformed his life by becoming a fitness influencer, providing value to people through his passion for fitness, nutrition, his knowledge and science-backed tips and tricks; he is none other than Dr Arjun Reddy, a consultation family physician and a level 1 certified sports nutritionist, who is emerging as the hottest doctors in India, driven to lead everyone else towards their health and fitness goals through his page ‘eathealthywitharjun’.

‘eathealthywitharjun’ is not just any other page on Instagram that people may find to seek more advice and suggestions on fitness and nutrition; instead, it is a genuine effort of Dr Arjun Reddy to help people through his experiences, knowledge, insights and science-based information and tips that can truly turn and transform his client’s health and lifestyle for the better, something they did not even think was attainable.

Arjun Reddy is a doctor turned fitness influencer

Dr Arjun Reddy hails from Andhra Pradesh from a farmer family and from the very beginning aspired to become a doctor. Defying all odds, he became one, completing his MBBS from one of the most prestigious colleges in the state. He served as the CMO for three years in Kerala and also prepared for a post-grad degree. He did his PG(DNB Family Medicine) at Lourdes Hospital, Kochi, Kerala. While working as a doctor at a hospital in Kerala, he realized how he needed to go through a proper physical transformation. This led him to learn more about a balanced diet, nutrition and training methods, following which he lost 22 kg in a year.

This was the start of a new beginning for him as Dr Arjun Reddy decided to turn into an Instagram influencer and start his page eathealthywitharjun, which today breathes a massive community of over 35K followers. He is very active on his page and consistently posts daily stories, polls, quizzes to keep everyone else active as well. Dr Arjun Reddy is a true social media influencer, excelling in the fitness and nutrition niche, where he also posts about his daily lifestyle to let others know how to have a healthy lifestyle.

With his page, he wants people to know that lifestyle is not just eating healthy food but improving all the 5 domains, including nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress management and mindset. Through his brand ‘Beyond Nutrition’, Dr Arjun Reddy provides personal coaching for getting in shape and becoming consistent, covering topics of nutrition, weight loss, wellness, strength training, plant-based eating and so much more.

With his page and his brand, he wants to lead people to their better tomorrow, where they can get nearer their health and fitness goals. To know more, follow his page on Instagram @eathealthywitharjun.

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