Enso Groups Founder And Chairman Vinay Maloo Underscores Innovation As The Key To Economic Growth.

Many years back, only a few ideas combined with the required capital were enough for building, and growing businesses, point out experts across industries saying that the competition was still there but not as much as compared to the saturation and competition industries face today. Especially with the onset of the digital world, many more entrepreneurs are born every day, belonging to the Gen-Z bringing in newer ideas and business strategies that give tough competition to the rest in their niches. Today, many things have changed, and of course, for the better, highlights Vinay Maloo, who over the years has proved his mettle as an ace businessman and the Founder and Chairman of the much-talked-about Indian, Mumbai-based conglomerate Enso Group.

Enso Group by Vinay Maloo could come this far because it went beyond developing businesses based on tried-and-tested business methods by adapting to the new tech trends while staying close to the values and the foundation it set since its inception in 2005. Vinay Maloo speaking on the same, stated, “This is a modern world. It is a world comprising of modern-day individuals with modern-day ideas; hence, staying rigid will not give people any great results. Instead, they need to try and walk with the changing tech trends and advent and make sure to continually innovate in their fields.”

“I cannot underline enough how innovation can prove to be a great driver of economic growth. Choosing to innovate ideas, conceptualize businesses, and execute excellent business strategies can lead businesses to remarkable growth and success levels, ultimately gaining enormous economic growth. New ideas and technologies are developed and applied to every business, resulting in greater output with the same amount of input. As more goods and services are produced, it stimulates wages and business profitability,” he explains.

Vinay Maloo says Enso Group’s rapid rise in the business world as a conglomerate operating in varied sectors could become possible with the adoption of newer ideas and technologies. Thus as a team, they wish to continue doing the same and create many more records as a successful enterprise.

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