3rd Lockdown In The Fight Against Delta Version Of Australian Cities

In the peak of the second wave of the Covid mountain and in order to provide Delhi with excess oxygen, the Government of Delhi “exaggerated” its need for oxygen four times,” according to a report setting off a new struggle between the Center and the Government of Arvind Kejriwal’s Aam Aadmi Party (AAP).

SC Oxygen Audit Report: AAP, BJP Trade Barbs Over Delhi's Exaggerated O2  Demand

The interim report of the audit team of the Supreme Court says central government sources. But AAP insists that no such report is available and that the claim is part of a propaganda of ‘malicious and false.’

The interim report of a subset of the Center submitted to the Supreme Court, together with a recommendation from the Nationwide Oxygen Task Force, stated, “It was discussed that a gross discrepancy (around 4 times) exists in that actual oxygen consumption claimed (1140MT) was around four times higher than the estimated bed capacity formula consumption (289MT).

The Subgroup, lead by AIIMS Director Randeep Guleria, includes Senior Home Minister Bhupinder Bhalla of Delhi, Sandeep Buddhiraya of Max Healthcare Director, Subodh Yadav of Union Jal Shakti of the Ministry, and Sanjay Kumar Singh of the Oil and Oxygen Safety Organization (PESO).

A study by PESO – a central government unit – which is part of the interim report is the damning comment on Delhi’s “inflating” claims about oxygen needs.

The Delhi government data reported that oxygen intakes did not exceed 350 MT between April 29 and May 10, according to the studies.

It stated that, adding that the infrastructure was unsatisfactory for storing 700 MT, the average consumption for oxygen was between 284 to 372 MT, which was the sum ordered by the Supreme Court to supply Delhi to the Centre.

The PESO study said that Delhi had “over-the-counter oxygen that affects other supplies to states and is waiting disaster, if it continues in this way.”

Four hospitals in Delhi claimed that they had consumed less oxygen, PESO said. with very few beds and it appears that the claims were clearly incorrect, leading to extremely skewed information and a significantly greater oxygen demand for Delhi’s entire state.”

The Center’s remarks relate to Delhi’s overemphasised claims. But the AAP government slammed lies and mischief and asserted that the study was passed as a non-existent report “Where do those who cry for oxygen lie down? If SOS calls lying in the hospitals, “The questioner was Manish Sisodia. “BJP and the media have failed to substantiate their claims.

This is a complete falsehood. The BJP is a pity, “The Deputy Minister-in-Chief said. In April several hospitals in Delhi sent out SOSs for sauce in social media and some even went to court, as a second, fatal wave of Covid swept through the land.

On TV and online oxygen supplication, Covid’s patients and their relatives. Sambit Patra, the spokesperson for BJP, charged the Delhi government with refusing to conceal the report.

Awesome that they can make politics about oxygen, “Mr Patra said. Mr Patra said. He also tweeted the submission to the government of Delhi. On 30 May, the Supreme Court, including this interim report, shall deal with issues concerning the vaccination policy and oxygen supply.

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