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Amit Shah recalled that his party formally commemorated the day during the Telangana turmoil as the appointee to the TRS Government, which was “cowards” and headed by the KCR.


Minister Amit Shah today expressed confidence that the new Telangana government would be formed by the BJP.

The Union Home Secretary said that after the assumption of power by the BJP State Party in Nirmal on the occasion of Hydenabad’s Liberation Day, the BJP administration would officially mark 17 September.” The 17th of September 2015.

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He continued to say that Telangana was free of the shackles of Nizam thanks to Sardo Patel’s intervention. This day would be commemorated for Telangana’s independence.

Amit Shah reiterated that CM KCR informs the government during the Telangana agitation that his party officially celebrates the day and branded the TSR as “coward” KCR government.

After the official celebrations of Karnataka and Maharashtra, Shah asked why the KCR feared that the official ceremony would take place on 17 September. Shah asked.

“Tell me why and who you fear,” shouted Amit Shah. He said the TRS administration is timid, family-owned and crooked.

The Majlis or the political persecution of our party should not scare the BJP. The Telangana people are behind the party, and according to Amit Shah, the next government will be constituted.

He urged the KCR to make you forget these martyrs’ sacrifices, alleging that there were 1,000 tribals hanged here in 1860 during the struggle against Nizam. He further said that the sacrifices of Ramji Gondu, Komaram Bheem and other martyrs would not be destroyed.

Sanjay Kumar, President of the State party, Amit Shakh, remarked that the Praya Sangram Yatra is a protest against the corrupt TRS, aiming at addressing complaints and issues regarding the Dalits, the underprivileged, women, farmers and young people.

Prime Minister Modi tried to aid the poor people in the country and told the Telangana people that the party would have a better opportunity of serving them.

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