Interesting Facts About Purple Mango....!

Interesting Facts…! Summer is mango season, and India possesses the biggest variety of mangoes, Bainganpalli, Dussehri, Alphonso, Langda, etc.

Loaded with foods and flavours, this ripe fruit has been eaten as a cooling drinking drink as a fruit and can even be used in different delicacies, including chutneys, aam pannas.

Mango: Why we need to eat more mangoes?Health Benefits of Mangoes!! |

But did you know that Japan has the most costly mango variety? Miyazaki mango is one of the most well-known mangoes in the city of Miyazaki, Japan. But India also began to produce the same in recent times.

What exactly is Miyazaki Mango? Miyazaki mangoes are among the most expensive in the world, with a kilogramme selling for Rs 2.70 lakh in the international market last year. These mangoes are labelled and sold as ‘Taiyo-no-Tomago,’ or ‘Eggs of Sunshine.’

It is not yellow or green in colour, but rather a flaming red from purple when ripe, and its shape resembles dinosaur eggs. According to reports, these mangoes weigh more than 350g and have a sugar content of 15% or higher. Mangoes need a perfect setting for their cultivation.

Sunshine for long hours, warm weather, plenty of precipitation. These mangoes were cultivated in Miyazaki city in 1984, according to NDTV reports. It is only available between April and August. In addition to the most versatile flavour, mangoes also have many health advantages.

This fruit is not called ‘the King of fruit’ by any gamer. How much is the Miyazaki mango price? This rare fruit is Japan’s most costly fruit. For a two mango box, the price ranges between Rs 8,600/- and Rs 2,7 Lakh.

The mangoes are also grown in Thailand, the Philippines and India. Some of these rare mangoes are reported to grow in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh. Four guards and six dogs were even deployed to prevent theft of two mango trees.

Miyazaki mango health benefits: rich in antioxidants Mango Beta-carotene and follicular acid are full. Eye-friendly Reduces cancer risk Helpful to the skin Reduces cholesterol.

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