Lemon For Skin, Hair And Nails' Incredible Benefits..!

Lemon was always a favourite in Indian households with Vitamin C and other plant proteins. The citrus is a miracle fruit, certainly. Lemon is one of the favourite drinks, sauces, dessert and salad dressings with the intense softening and fresh aroma.

5 Amazing Benefits with Lemon for your Face,Hair, Nails & Health - YouTube

The zingy taste, cool fragrance and light yellow colour captivate all senses. Lemons are a very good source of vitamin C, calcium and potassium, all known to improve skin, hair and nails too.

One of the most common ways of using citrus is to add citrus water in your morning routine; simply pull a citrus fruit into lukewarm water and sample it to help your system awake. For a dry, itchy scalp, an easy cure is to refrigerate a lemon instantly.

Lemons also work as an antioxidant because of their rich vitamin C, which helps combat free radicals and stimulates the immune system. Whether it’s directly or through topical application, it’s a must-have in your routine.

The Lemon range from the Body Shop is composed of essential lemon oil. A simple hard workable ingredient that purifies and protects your body. A clean and crisp fragrance that is extracted from lemon peels makes it a sensory delight like no others.

This top-to-the-line product range is completely vegan and combines antibacterial steps, intensive cleaning and care protection properties. Hair and body washing is a mild formulation that helps you to feel squeaky clean in no time as a shampoo and body wash. The Caring and Purifying Hair Mist, while you are on the go and need a quick burst of freshness, is just that without hair sticky or weighing down.

Another lemon cleanser in your bag is to keep the palms and rosettes clean and safe while you are away. It is made of 70% alcohol and lemon essential oil — and 99,99 percent of bacteria and viruses are clinically proven to be killed This range also includes a hand and body protective lotion that contains Ghana Community Shea Butter to hydrate your skin and maintain it hydrated for 72 hours.

This fresh, non-sticky formula is definitely what your hands and body will love. It protects not only your skin, but also the environment.

Packing is 100% recyclable for all products and some contains recycled content after consumption. After 6 to 8 weeks, your heart rate is constantly monitored.

You can start with light weight lifting with shorter weight sets and then increase your weight and number over the weeks according to your comfort. Products such as adjustable bumpers and kettlebells can be used.

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