Artificial intelligence is always listed under ‘intelligent technology.’ Although it is a highlight, it remains the fact that even more intelligent technologies can be used to hack them. Security is therefore imperative and absolutely essential if AI systems are to be protected from potential threats. That’s what Microsoft and other tech giants believe in.

A tool introduced by Microsoft, which is called “Counterfit,” will provide sufficient support and help organisations prevent potential adversarial learning attacks by artificial intelligence systems.


The tool will help developers to effectively test and ensure the safety of artificial intelligence systems. Microsoft published the Counterfit project on GitHub. The project is also the result of a previous study carried out by the company that revealed that organisations have no instruments for AI security.

As per a Microsoft blog post:

“This tool was built out of our own need to assess vulnerabilities in Microsoft’s AI systems to proactively secure AI services in accordance with Microsoft-leading AI principles and Responsible AI engineering strategy.”

The company uses the tool to test its own AI models. The company is also exploring a wider range of tools, especially in artificial intelligence development.

According to the company claims, the tool is well equipped for model evaluation in any cloud environment or border network. Another highlight of the tool is the model diagnostics and the method of data diagnostics.

According to the company, the tool makes access to published attack algorithms easy for the security community as well as provides an expandable interface.

Adversarial machine learning is a major challenge to the security of AI systems. A machine learning model is tricked by manipulative data, which leads to partialities that can cause serious issues. Counterfit will prevent them effectively. In addition, the tool can also help scanning and logging vulnerabilities to record attacks against a target model.

Following the increasing use and importance of artificial intelligence systems, ensuring their security and security becomes all the more important. Tools such as Counterfit indicate that challenges in securing artificial intelligence systems against threats can be effectively addressed.

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