COVID-19 Testing In Children: How Effective Is It?

Protection and symptoms of black fungus. COVID19‘s second wave has given the lives of millions of Indians a devastating mark. The battle is still on and the third wave, and its potential disruption, worries us and concerns us.

Black fungus complicates India's COVID pandemic

The third wave will greatly affect children, most experts believe. The pandemic’s epidemiological design shows the same thing. The first wave affected people seriously over the age of 60.

The second wave affected the generation younger. Now that most adults are infected or vaccinated, children are expected to become more vulnerable in the next few months. More worryingly, the virus changes to the immune system, leading to additional infections such as black, white, and yellow fungus – the “black fungus” causing maximum collateral damage.

With these additional dangers, parents are naturally extremely concerned about their children. Dr. Jesal Sheth, Senior Pediatric Consultant in Fortis Hospital, Mulund, speaks of black fungi and how you can protect your children.

Mucormycosis is a rare type of fungal infection which was recently observed in severe COVID19 patients, and is also known to be “Black Fungus.”

Often, hyphaes grow in and around the blood vessels and can potentially endanger the life of people with diabetes or severe immunodeficiencies. Mucormycosis infects the sinuses, brain and lungs often. While the most common form of Mucormycosis is oral cavity or brain infection, fungus can also infect other areas of the body such as the gastrointestinal tract, cutaneous skin and other organs.

Experts suggest that the Black Fungus Infection is more likely to develop in patients with either impaired immune systems or diabetics. Children are less susceptible to diabetes or immunocompromised immunity than adults, That is why they are less likely to be infected with fungal diseases caused during COVID19.

Neither Mucormycosis nor Black Fungus infections have been reported in children, however, in recent studies.

Symptoms: If your child has a Black fungal infection, it’s important to be careful about symptoms in order to avoid the following complications.

Cloves and swelling in the front Floating on one side of the face Nose-round black crusts Vision bubble or loss of vision Air complications such as chest pain, toxicity, shortness of breath How are your children protected

In those times, it is crucial to frequently wash your hands and sanitise your eyes, mouth and nose.

The first thing is to inform our children of the pandemic, its risk factors and hygiene practises and to ask them to take all measures. Encourage them not to have visitors at home and to remain indoors. Therefore, the virus does not save anybody, so it is important not to send children outdoors.

Install them in indoor games, instead. Take the time to read books, help with household work, garden and spend time with family members.

Make sure your child wears a mask and goes on a business whenever he has a company. Children can touch contaminated or infected surfaces and objects if left unattended that could lead to an infection.

Make sure that your children regularly wash their hands. Furthermore, timely and early detection are crucial. If the diagnosis is made of Mucormycosis, antifungal medicines and operation, based on the clinical condition, shall be involved. If in doubt, do not overlook the symptoms and see your doctor. Right-time measures are paramount.

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