Tip For A Bride While Selecting Bridal Jewellery....!

Tip for the bride…! Just like your wedding costume, this costly bridal gem is an important thing for you. When you entered the new stage of your life, they were a crucial part of your great day.

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And it is highly necessary to look after heavy jewellery to preserve its brightness for those who have made savings to buy gold, Kundan or diamond to look glamorous for their grand day. Here are some tips for your bridal wedding post jeweller.

Check for polishing: Check for cleaning or polishing every 6 or 8 months. Check for polishing. Even if you use the jewellery regularly and not store it in your locker, this should be done as dirt that needs cleaning by this process can be built up.

Keep it in the right direction Keep the jewellery in a box that folds into a piece of towel or fabric. To keep humidity at bay, you may put camphor balls. The box should be in good shape every 6 months and check if a new box is required.

Cleaning after every use: wipe them with a microfiber towel after wear and store them in the box before removing any of it

Dont Spray: Don’t spray or put any creams on your jewellery, keep them out of chemical products. Make sure that you wear them after your make-up and all of them have been completed.

Last wear and take off of jewellery first.

No Sunshine: No sunshine direct Stay away from harsh sunlight and harsh light. Store them where no light is available. Due to damaging quality of harmful sunlight.

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