Shailene Woodley Co-stars With Jack Whitehall In 'Robots'


Shailene Woodley has boarded an indie comedy cast called ‘Robots.’ Woodley stepped on to Emma Roberts, the actor-comic Jack Whitehall originally annexed to the star of the film.

Shailene Woodley 2015 Wallpaper</a> Wallpaper - Wallpapers Printed

Anthony Hines and Casper Christensen are the co-dirigents of the film. The storey of science fiction writer Robert Sheckley was based on the reports.

The plot follows Charles (Whitehall) and Elaine (Woodley), who duplicate relations with the unlawful robot.

When you scam each other unwittingly, your robot is doubled into love and elope, forcing the duo to join forces and chase them before the officials discover their secret.

The screenplay was penned by Hines, known for his sequel “Borat,” and the fame of Casper Christensen “Klown.”

“I couldn’t be happier than having Shailene and Jack’s team play the lead in this film at a time when comedies are needed more than ever,” Hines added.

Woodley’s work on ‘Misanthrope’ another indie she is a producer recently finished. In her upcoming film ‘Your Lover’s Last Letter,’ which she produced, she stars.

In 2018 Woodley invited Calina Lawrence, activist of the Dakota Access Pipeline, to the 75th Golden Globe Awards; they met at Standing Rock.

In July 2019, Woodley took over as Oceans Ambassador to Greenpeace and took the three weeks of a three-week Sargasso Sea expedition to study the effect on marine life of plastics and microplastic products and to document the significance of this unique protective ecosystem in the framework of the new UN Global Ocean Trade.

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