Stretches In Your Daily Life Can Refresh You..!

Stretches and asanas, let’s take small steps towards our well-being. Furthermore, such asanas require little time and can also be performed in the course of a busy homework schedule.

4 Yoga Poses for Stress Relief | Real Simple

Rotation of the neck Sit in the position of vajrasana, kneel on your legs, and sit back on your knees on your palms. Move the neck in a bottom-up motion from side to side.

For a few repetitions and in the clock-wise direction for a few, we can also rotate our head. This helps to release any tension around the neck in the muscles.

Cat cow pose (Marjaryasana – Bitilasana): Get in the table with handles and knees on the floor for the cat-cow pose. Follow it by lifting your head and chest to the ceiling.

We must follow this by bending the head down and the abdominal area to an arch during exhalation. This motion helps to relieve spinal tension, synchronises movement and emotional equilibrium.

Extended pose for children (Balasana Utthita): In order to enter into this position, you kneel on the floor and sit on the head with your knees and palms on your thighs.

Exhale the torso and turn to the thighs, as the arms extend. And on the floor rests the forehead and palms. It contributes to the calming of our body and mind.

Dog pose (Urdhva Mukha Svanasana) upward-facing: Sit flat on the bottom and face down on the top of your feet. Bend the elbows, stretch out the palms. Inhale the palms firmly on the mat, when the torso, hips and knees are lifted off the mat.

The whole body weight should be on our palms and feet. Stay for a few breaths in this position and slowly lower your knees, hips and your torso on the torso while we exhale.

This move helps to ease any down pain in your back. The legs will be tinted and the arms and feet strengthened.

Downwards to the dog: This asana on our hands and knees should begin with us. Our palms should look down and the wrist should be parallel to the ground. The next step consists of stretching out our elbows and relaxing the back.

Spread your fingers broadly and press firmly across palms while weight is evenly distributed across your hands. Put on the toes and remove the knees from the floor. Straighten your legs and make the body a “A” shape without locking them.

We must exhal and bend our knees slightly in order to release this position and return to a seated position. This motion energises the whole body and rejuvenates it. It extends the shoulder of the hamstrings.

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