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Young and dynamic social media influencer Sushant Pal is a fitness and fashion freak. Fitness has been something that was always in check for Sushant especially in this difficult time of COVID-19 pandemic. Owing a large number of followers on his social media because of his knowledgeable content, Sushant Pal has set his foot in the fitness industry revolutionizing fitness with his thoughts. Read more about Sushant in the following interview :-

Can we start with how did you get into the world of fitness ?

Basically I am an Engineering student pursuing B.Tech in Electronics & Communication, but for a very long time, fitness has been my passion. I have been the goalkeeper of my football team at National Open Championship 2016. Moreover, I also got honoured with Mr. Cool Title 2018 in Delhi and bagged a silver medal in Cross Country 2013 by Delhi University. All these achievements made me venture into fitness and when I finally excelled at it, I thought of making my passion my profession.

You are also into good content creation and digital marketing as evident from your Instagram. Tell us something about the same.

A knack of content writing comes from one of my other interests. I create video and inspirational content to churn out my fitness campaign with professionalism. I carry out my mission educating people with my posts for which I research a lot. I feel that it is my responsibility of running such campaigns being a social influencer. To talk of digital marketing, it has helped me to launch several campaigns around fashion and health.

Has the lockdown been harsh on your fitness goals ? What is your lockdown regime ?

Yes the lockdown can be said as harsh as the world is pitted with a plethora of problems with issues of COVID-19. But people with good and strong immunity are surely able to fight the complications of this virus. To talk of my lockdown regime, it has still been beautiful as I have continued to work out. I do bodyweight training, and I also train people, and apart from that, I have my fitness routine and weight training.

Sushant Pal

How has the lockdown helped you improve your hobbies?

This is what the brighter side of the lockdown is, as now I am getting more of my time. Previously, I didn’t used to get time to pursue my hobbies as I was busy the entire day. I feel so much alive these days as I get to reconnect with nature, meditate, work on myself, and do things that I always wanted to do. This makes me feel even more beautiful; I sing, dance, paint, cook and do everything I could to stay positive amidst this pandemic.

What place does fitness hold in your life?

Fitness has always refreshed my body and mind. Despite of being busy sometimes, I always manage to take at least some time out for fitness. Since my school days, I had indulged myself in games like football, and therefore also realize the importance of being fit if you want to play any sport. Fitness can change your state of mind and physical transformation. Fitness is deeply engraved in my mind, soul, and heart.

There is a myth that joining a gym at one’s early teens can stunt growth. Is it true? Do elaborate the same.

(Laughs) No not at all! Whichever age you are training at, supervision is the most important. It is just that if you train them at an extreme level, they might have a risk of injuries. Growth is dependent on the division of cells in your body, and joining a gym at an early age doesn’t stunt growth.

Can fitness also be fun? People often get discouraged, thinking the process is too difficult, what would you like to advise them?

By inculcating fitness in your lifestyle, you can make it fun. It is about understanding the connection with your body. It should not seem like a burden to you. If you take the stress and do it because you have to, you will never enjoy it. You should know how your body and mind coordinate and how it responds to the workout. You should embrace it. Fitness is not just hard-core working out. If you enjoy dancing or aerobics, you can do that too. You don’t have to stay inclined to only one form of training.

What is your future vision? Where do you see yourself five years down the line?

I want to be someone who would train and inculcate more values to many more people especially the younger generation. I want to have my setup, my gym. I do not believe in doing great things but doing small things in a great way. Plus, I would like to sharpen my skills as a content creator and digital marketer collaborating with more and more brands to spread awareness about how important fitness is.

What is something that you wish to convey through your fitness?

Do not pressurize yourself for being fit and go overboard. Incorporate it into your lifestyle and trust the process. The wait is worth it, so have patience. Do not give up if things do not work according to how you wanted to. Understanding your body type and working accordingly is the most important part.

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