Tips For Safe And Joyful Wedding During COVID..!

Tips….Due to the lockdown due to COVID 19’s second wave, many marriage restrictions were imposed and people were again obliged to engage with an intimate function on their big day.

No AC, Not More Than 50 People At Weddings And Events In Karnataka

Since everyone is at risk of contracting the virus, you need to ensure that the State government meticulously follows every covid protocole and plans accordingly. Thus presents us with some ideas on how to plan a safe, happy, intimate marriage between the COVID 19 second wave.

Recall instructions Make sure you have a thorough understanding of a specific region’s government directives.

Regardless of the exactly number of people who can meet, lockdown protocols on people or vehicles or publications which authorities update on a daily basis, plans do not come up with plans which cannot be carried out in light of the times in which we live.

The venue, list of guests and process of sanitation: Make a list of the guests and choose a place for the events, its size and the rendezvous. Make sure that your location adheres to the necessary sanitation protocols and works in accordance with food safety standards. You can also hire an outside agency to sanitise the venue thoroughly to ensure maximum security. Add a touch of your own: A smaller marriage gives you the chance, by imprinting your personality on your special day. Choose themes, design ideas and gift solutions that are true to you. Make sure also that your budget meets your decoration expectations.

Sanitation effort: Do your bit by offering your guests sanitation kits with masks and other safety requirements to protect them. Install also a sanitation station with hand sanitisers at the entrance and a note on safety protocols and social dissociation rules.

Set up a hygienized bubble: Create a bio bubble which means that every person (family and guests) who has been identified as safe from COVID-19 will remain in an infection-proof space.

In the course of the celebrations, the central wedding team, including designers, schedules, photographers, maquillage workers, or anyone who has to stay in contact with you and guests, should remain safe in a sanitary bubble.

As the number of guests drops, creating such bubbles right on the scene is more affordable

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