Twitter Suspended: After Verifying Small Number Of Fake Accounts

In his recent public verification programme, Twitter verified some fake accounts with the same followers, which has been revealed by a data scientist. There were no tweet accounts verified with blue badges and two stock pictures used for their images.

Twitter verifies `small number` of fake accounts, suspends later

The “small number” of fake accounts it has wrongly verified has now been permanently suspended by Twiter, reports Daily Dot.

The micro-blogging platform stated in a statement, “We erroneously approved the verification applications of a small number of false accounts. ”

“Now, under our platform, we have constantly suspended these accounts and removed their verified badge and spam Conspirador Norteno, a disinformation-focused data scientist with six new-generated accounts that have been verified, reported the fake verified accounts.

The sixth blue-check verified Twitter accounts, Meet @aykacmis, @anlamislar, @aykacti, @kayitlii, and @donmedim, created on 16 June 2021.

Nobody tweeted yet and everybody has about 1000 supporters (and mostly the same supporters)” he said in a tweet.

‘The photographs of people as their profile pics were two of these six accounts ( @ kayitlii and @aykacti).

No image is likely to display the account holder in spite of a blue checkmark, as both images seem to be stolen.

The six accounts shared 976 suspect fans, all of whom were created from 19 June until 20 June, and many used AI profile images.

Alex Stamos, the former head of security of Facebook, tweeted that verification might have taken place within the workplace.

“You could have an insider, malicious or bribed. There was something similar at IG (in that case, paid by spammers),” he said in a tweet.

In May, Twitter relaunched its new verification process starting with a total of six categories and reviewed global public applications to help users get the blue badge on the micro-blogging platform.

These six categories include: government; companies, brands, and organisations; journalists and news organisations; entertainment; sports and play; and activists, organisers and other people of importance.

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